A touch for tomorrow

[words and photograph © Dos Winkel, The WideAngle]

Did you know*…

> It’s estimated that 90 percent of all large sharks have been wiped out

> That as many as 73-million sharks have been killed by the shark-finning industry

> That sharks have existed on this planet for 450-million years

I took this photograph in The Bahamas when I was on a shark expedition. I was busy with a small group of lemon sharks when from two sides, these two sharks met and touched each other. It took only a second, but I had my shot. I see this image as a symbol against the cruel billion-Euro shark finning business.

Dos Winkel, a Dutch diver and underwater macro photographer, is a member of The WideAngle photographers’ network. For more images taken by The WideAngle photographers, please click here.

*Statistics taken from Shark Savers

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  • Dos Winkel is one of the best dive photographers in the business these days. It’s great to count him as one of the talents in The WideAngle and good to be able to feature this great shot here. – ME

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