A postcard for you

[photograph © Maciej Dakowicz, The WideAngle]

Six weeks ago, we launched this blog – what an incredible journey it’s been, and what a special way to end 2011. We’re both new to blogging and, after 29 collective years of writing, editing and shooting for print, we’re slowly – slowly – getting our heads around this thing called a blog.

We’ve been overwhelmed by your response to the words and images we’ve put online – thank you for all the encouragement and inspiration. We have really exciting things planned for 2012, and hope you’ll join us for the ride.

If you’re new to this space, you might like to take a look at our most popular posts from last year:

“Parallel worlds” was the first instalment of our co-writing project. At exactly the same moment, Mark sat in a cafe in Buenos Aires and Narina in a cafe in Cape Town, and we recorded the world around us.

“Maasai dawn” is one of Mark’s most commercially successful images. It captures the essence of an African morning beautifully.

“10 tips for getting published” is a set of guidelines for first-time writers who’re trying to approach magazine editors. It was written by Narina, who’s currently the features editor at Women’s Health magazine, and is approached by newby writers almost daily.

“Shooting through time” is an exquisite time-lapse video of Cape Town transitioning from afternoon to evening.  It was shot by The WideAngle photographer Eric Nathan, and was placed second in the Environmental Photographer of the Year exhibition in London last year.

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