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[photograph © Joel Dousset, The WideAngle]

After six months of meetings conducted over G&Ts, strong coffees and chilled Bintangs, and across continents via Skype and emails, we’re thrilled to finally be able to say: welcome to our new blog! The old Parallel Worlds crew – Narina and me – have been joined by Michael and his London-based team of web gurus, and we are now (drum roll, please) The Kitbaggers.

Why the change? Well for starters, Narina and I no longer live in parallel worlds. What began as a trans-hemisphere blogging project evolved into a love affair and we now work together, play together and travel together. And we carry our world in our kitbags. Having Michael’s team onboard means that Narina and I can now concentrate solely on doing what we know best – writing – and we hope to bring to you some of the most thoughtful and inspiring travel journalism on the web.

It could be a wild and unexpectedly reckless ride as we slash and parry – like a Bangkok longtail pilot hopped up on kratingdaeng – to cut through to the most bizarre and fascinating sides of the world’s adventure (and, occasionally, luxury) travel hotspots. As freelance travel journalists we live permanently on the road, chasing assignments for the most celebrated travel publications. We’ll offer vital tips – gleaned through a combined 30 years experience (freelance journalists and editors) – that explain how you too could carve a future in the dog-eat-dog world of travel-writing. Through The WideAngle network, you’ll be getting tips from some of the world’s most experienced assignment photographers on shooting from the road.

We’ll rarely be standing still for long so hold on tight. Our kitbags are our home and our office and, because we often have to react instantly to editors’ requests, we rarely plan far in advance. At the moment we’re working out of South Africa. In February we’ll be road-tripping through Greece for magazine features. Then Spain. After that… who knows. Ecuador is possible but Cuba might be in with a chance. Other likely bases for a couple of months could be Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic or Guatemala. Drop us a comment below and tell us which of these places you’d most want to read about. Kitbaggers is designed to take you places so let’s hit the road together.


  • We would love to hear about Cuba. Really want to go but as US citizens it is a little difficult.
    We are exploring a few options and it would be great to see more about the island.

    • Cuba is pretty much top of our list. So many times I have an idea for somewhere I really MUST get to (Myanmar too, for example) but commissions in other areas consistently snatch us away. Looks like we have a job to do in Mexico but hoping we can swing things to get to Cuba within the next few months. Thanks for your comments. Hope you make it to Cuba too sometime.

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