When “home” is the road

This is what a travel writer's home looks like

People often ask us where we live. It’s a question that’s really difficult to answer because, as flakey as it sounds, we don’t actually live anywhere in particular.

Mark and I don’t “go home” from a trip; we simply move on. We stay somewhere for one night, or maybe three. Sometimes possibly a week. And then we go. And so, because people who ask where we live usually want a physical place to latch onto, I say “wherever we drop our kitbags”. 

So this, folks, is what our physical home looks like. We have matching kitbags (it’s a long story) which hold almost everything we need: our clothes, toiletries, coffee mugs, water bottles (which usually hold gin or wine, not water), first-aid kit, Frisbee, yoga mat, books and hammock sleeping system. And half of Mark’s bag is taken up by his ukulele case. In our smaller packs (Mark has a super-functional, manly waterproof pack, while I have a beautiful leather bag) we carry our cameras and lenses, laptops, notebooks and all chargers, cables and other office stuff.

The pic above, by the way, was shot in Seville’s old town and the one below in Vietnam, while we waited in Danang for the Reunification Express.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 7.56.26 AM

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