Travels with an iPhone

Travel photographs taken with iPhone 6s

Just before Mark and I travelled to India I splashed out on an iPhone 6S.

Actually, I didn’t… “splash out” implies something frivolous. It was a painstakingly considered purchase because honestly, is spending that much money on a phone really necessary? I spend so much time in a world where for the price of that phone, a family could feed and educate their children for a year. And besides, I never make phone calls anyway.

So I didn’t buy a phone. I bought a camera. It’s a tool of my trade and perhaps (this is how I justified it) one day, the pictures I take with it will make a difference to someone’s life: maybe they’ll remind someone to look around more; to be here, now, in this moment; to take that holiday; to be grateful; to be challenged; inspired; to become more adventurous or kinder in some way. Or perhaps they won’t. Maybe my photos will just be clutter in a timeline, or gather droppings at the bottom of a hamster’s cage. Each to their own, right?

If you’re interested in seeing what I’m doing with my iPhone, please follow me on Instagram (I’m @Narina.Exelby). At the moment I’m posting almost every day and that means for now, pictures from around our home in Bali, and from tomorrow for the next week, pictures from Borneo.


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