Behind the lens: The water boys

[words and photograph © Paolo Picones, The WideAngle]


This photograph was taken early on in my career as a photographer. I was in the Babuyan Islands (north of the Philippines) for an assignment to photograph a newly discovered bird species for a local NGO.

We travelled 17 hours to get to Calayan Island (10 hours by bus plus seven hours by boat) and another four hours to get deep in the mountains and forests of Calayan Island. When I was taking this image, I did not see children playing with the ocean; instead, I felt moved by how they looked because they can also seem to be bowing and paying their respects to nature. They held this position for quite a while. 


Photographer Paolo Picones is a member of The WideAngle photographer’s network, and is based in Manila, Philippines. His work has been published in Holland Herald, The Guardian Magazine, Men’s Health, Marie Claire and Vanity fair, among others. For more “Behind the lens” images by The WideAngle photographers, please click here.


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