How to shoot movement

[photograph © Dale Morris]

British born wildlife photographer Dale Morris has built a reputation as one of the most widely published photographers in South Africa. His background as a trained naturalist allows him to capture aspects of the natural world that many photographers would miss.  Here are Dale’s thoughts on how to capture movement.

1/ Play with shutter speed

The world is a constant maelstrom of movement and colour, but how does one capture a sense of motion within a single photo frame? The short answer is long exposures. The longer your shutter is open, the more motion blur you will achieve, lending your image a sense of dynamic action and atmosphere.

2/ Use a tripod
At a busy market or in a lively bar, use a tripod to hold your camera steady in low light conditions and go for as long a shutter speed as the lighting conditions allow. Throw in a bit of flash for a ghostly effect.

3/ Shoot star trails
Pointing your camera at the nighttime sky with a super long exposure time will reward you with star trails.

4/ Practise panning
Pan with a moving subject (like a bird or a car or a runner) whilst using a relatively slow shutter speed and you’ll get an action photo with a streaky speed infused background.

5/ Stitch images together
You can also take a series of images with the subject moving through the frame and then stitch them together with panorama software. Your camera may well have this function built in.

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To take a look at some of Dale’s wildlife images, please click here.

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