Less a hammock. More a way of life.

After two decades working as a travel writer I’ve learned never to leave home without a hammock. I’ve slept in my hammock on cargo boats and yachts and in more jungle camps and desert camps (strung between vehicles) than I care to count. In remote villages my hammock has provided comfortable, secure and insect-free accommodation where no other option was available.

But hammocks are not only for expedition use. In countless backpacker hotels mine has done service as the most comfortable of sofas and even in relatively luxurious lodges I’ve used it as a work-desk (I probably write better in my hammock than anywhere else). Even a humble picnic is not complete without a hammock. Even when I’m at “home” my hammock is left out in the garden for permanent use as garden furniture. Start travelling with a hammock and you’ll soon see that it’s less a sleeping solution, and more a way of life.

sc-hammocks.comI’ve put 20 years of research into designing SC Hammocks, the world’s best hammock for travellers. These are double hammocks (for an infinitely more comfortable night’s sleep) and come complete with fitted mosquito net and poncho/rain cover; they’re now being made from top-quality materials by skilled craftsmen in Bali. For purchase details see below, and to see how to string up and use the sleeping system, please watch the video at the top of this page.


Features of SC Hammocks

  • No knots – secure and easy hanging
  • Roof is black and silver – if you prefer privacy and not to be seen to easily use black, silver is best for sunshade if you want to leave your hammock up in the day
  • Most hammock virgins sleep with their bodies in line with the strings. This is wrong. Because SC Hammocks are double size, you can sleep diagonally across the hammock and you’ll find that rather than having a curved spine you are able to stretch out almost flat.
  • Best for almost any camping trip (even the most arid of deserts if you have 2 vehicles)
  • Unless in torrential conditions aim for a relatively shallow pitch on your roof so that you still have visibility around your camp (none of that Blair Witch Project claustrophobia)
  • Hammock packs into its own bag, which doubles as a big pocket (keep your head-lanp, toothbrush, book etc so that you can string up your entire bedroom with just 2 clicks).
  • One size (king-size) fits all – After a few nights in truly minuscule jungle cocoons I came to the conclusion that for minimal extra weight you should choose a large hammock that ensures a good night’s sleep even for two people…and one of the best night’s rest you will ever have for one.

Weight: 600g (double hammock) / 1,6kg (full sleeping system: hammock, mosquito net and poncho/roof in tough, specially designed pack)


Also available simply as a double-size hammock (exc mosquito net and roof) for just US$65. The most comfortable piece of furniture you will ever own!



  • Jeremy says:

    Hi Mark,

    Ok, its Saturday pm and I’ve had a bit of time to check out the swinger GT, grand deluxe.

    I’ve not had such a good time with hammocks in the past – but this thing is different. Its so comfortable!! Really awesome especially with the added insect net and waterproof flysheet. The video on your website is really helpful too.

    Thanks so much – I am sure this will become as great a travelling companion to me as it has been to you.

    Thanks again


  • Glad you’re making use of the hammock already Jeremy.

    Take my advice and don’t leave it behind when you travel. EVER. Haha. On the odd occasion I’ve decided to lighten the load and leave it I always regret the decision. We’re working out of a stilted beach bungalow in Thailand at the moment – all it lacked (until I turned up) was a hammock on the verandah. Suddenly life is perfect!

    Happy travels.

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