Mapped: what travel adapter to pack


[words Narina Exelby / map ©  Easysmart]

Mark and I have this silly joke between us: I call him Mr Adaptable because almost half his kitbag is filled with adapters. Seriously. At last count he had 11.

He has one universal adapter which of course is super-useful and more than enough for most people but you see, Mark has this thing for adapters so one simply isn’t enough. He has one that plugs into a light socket, one that’s attached to an extension cord (so that he can always work from his hammock), one that allows him to use three plugs in one socket, one that’s just a piece of plastic that opens up the socket for different shaped plugs, and a bunch more. I joke that it’s all a little excessive but to be honest, I’ve benefitted from his adapter collection numerous times.

Because we’re not all as into plugs as Mr Adaptable, this map (which I found on EasySmart, a website that features clever gadgets) is super-useful for people who travel. Go on, bookmark it… unless, of course, you have a kitbag full of adapters.

PS Here’s a pic, taken on a trip in Kenya. I tease Mark, but so many times I’d be powerless without him.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 6.07.40 PM


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