Mapped: Airline routes around the world

[map by SquidHammer]

Mark and I don’t have a home, but if we did one thing’s certain: the walls would be covered with maps. Lots of them.

Because between us we have four seriously itchy feet, and maps (particularly paper ones) both agitate and scratch those itches. And so, because we know we’re not the only ones who suffer from this condition, we’ve decided to start a series that highlights some of the most beautiful and most interesting maps we come across.

The one above, an illustration of flight routes, was drawn by someone who goes by the blog SquidHammer. It is perhaps the most exquisite, dreamy, delicate map I’ve ever seen, and it makes me want to pull out my Moleskine, a fine-tipped pen and an enormous atlas, and start planning a trip to one of the whitest spaces. Because there really is so much still to see.

Love maps? Take a look at our Pinterest board of beautiful maps.


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