Where to practise yoga –– anywhere in the world

[words Narina Exelby / photograph © Mark Eveleigh]

There are some things in this roaming life that I wouldn’t change for the world.

That beautiful sense of freedom that comes with not knowing for sure where we’ll be next week, and the joy of travelling new roads: of piecing together my understanding of the world. But there are some things that I miss about my old, stable life – and practising yoga in a studio is one of them.

You see, yoga changed my life. It’s a long story – maybe I’ll tell it one day – but I’m convinced that the time spent on my mat had more than just a little to do with me being where I am now. And I miss it. Madly. I miss being part of a studio; I miss the studio that felt like home; I miss practising every day; I miss learning from people who have years more experience than I do; and I miss the person I am when yoga is an integral part of my life.

So, my inner-yogi was beyond excited to find out about Muuyu, an online yoga “studio” that connects teachers and students around the world. It seems to be pretty simple: you sign up and then select classes that suit your schedule – or, in my case, lack of schedule – and if nothing fits, the team at Muuyu will try to put something together for you. You’re sent a reminder about your class 24 hours before, and then at the time you’ve selected, you roll out your mat, turn on your computer, and join the virtual class. You can see and hear the teacher, and the teacher can see you.

I’ve signed up with Muuyu, and from Monday will be practising every day for 30 days – just like I did when I lived in Cape Town. It’s going to be an interesting challenge because I’ll be moving a lot during September: between cities, countries, time zones and lifestyles. I look forward to having yoga as my companion every day during September, and I’m looking forward to seeing how well yoga with Muuyu works for travellers. But most of all, my inner-yogi looks forward to finding her way home.

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