Narina Exelby

For seven years Narina travelled the world as a writer, editor and photographer for TNT (London) and Getaway (Cape Town) magazines. Depending on the season, you’d find her queuing for visas in London or Johannesburg, crossing glaciers in Iceland, canyoning in Turkey, haggling in Moroccan markets, tracking rhinos in South Africa, dancing in an Ulan Bataar night club or trying to persuade immigration officials that people with pale skin really do come from South Africa.

With one travel book, two passports and 13 years’ worth of magazine deadlines behind her, Narina left her desk job as senior features editor at Women’s Health magazine. She set herself free from office hours and fluorescent lighting, and  set out on a new journey as a freelance writer, editor and photographer. These days you’re likely to bump into her writing from a warung in west Bali, hugging baobabs in Kenya, teaching a yoga class in Thailand or – still – queuing for visas.

Narina writes travel, lifestyle and health features for numerous respected magazines around the world. She specializes in crafting evocative copy that draws readers in and sends them on journeys of their own; she’s also a sucker for research and has the ability to get her interview subjects to open up and talk honestly about everything from abortion to art to cancer to yoga.

If you’d like to get in touch, you’ll find her at narina.exelby [at] or else through @NarinaExelby on Twitter.