Winter in Crete…?!

It seems that tourism is EXTREMELY slow in Crete in the winter.

The arrival of two Kitbagger travel-writers in Chania city brought a halt to the town council meeting so that we could have our photo taken with the mayor, Mr Manolis Skoulakis. Afterwards we were interviewed by a reporter from the local newspaper about why we’d come to Crete at this time of year.

We’d actually come at this unusual time (on assignments from 3 different magazines) to cover the angle of Greece as a winter destination.

Chania airport receives 2.5million visitors a year…but apparently almost every one of those is in the summer months. Maybe it’s time for things to change. From what we’ve seen this is a perfect Mediterranean winter destination that has an awful lot to offer in competition with Southern Spain or Italy. The weather’s been perfect here, with midday sunshine every day but cooling off just enough for a jacket in the evenings. There’s the added beauty of snow on the mountains and the fact that this is almost entirely a Greek experience at this time (foreign faces are almost completely absent). For trekkers in particular this is a winter paradise and if you have a taste for Greek food winter time offers an absolutely unique diet that it very few outsiders even seem to know about (more on that later).

By the way, Chania City launched a new iPhone app yesterday. Download it here to see what you’re missing.

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