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It turns out that kids can be pretty daring diners. Pamplona local nine year-old Lucia samples some of the most unusual tapas offerings in her city.

The Spanish province of Navarra is increasingly famous within Spain for its fine cuisine and Pamplona, the capital, is one of the best places in the country for tapas. Here they’re known as pinchos – or pintxos in Basque – and come in every possible form from simple, hearty country fare to sculpted works of culinary art. Thursday night in Pamplona is known as Juevincho (‘Pincho Thursday’) and all through the old town you get a glass of decent wine plus a great pincho for 2 euros.

The next time your kids turn their noses up at your cooking bear in mind that, under the right circumstances, they can be surprisingly forgiving food critics. Even congealed pig’s foot in fungus sauce won 4.5 out of 10 on Lucia’s score card…despite the fact that there were only two things she didn’t like about it: “The sauce and the taste.”

Here – in Lucia’s own words – are the lowdowns on some of her favourite Pamplona tapas haunts. 


Bar San Gregorio, Calle San Gregorio (side street just a few hundred metres from the main plaza).

Ingredients: Toast with broken eggs, Serrano ham and duck  – taisty, but not nice duck 7/10

One of the most popular bars in this part of town and well worth a visit.


Bar Gorriti, Calle San Gregorio.

Ingredients: Mushrooms ,beicon , prawn and caremelizade onion –mmm lovely 9.5/10

Small bar that gets very crowded. Only standing room.


Bar Museo, Calle San Gregorio.

Ingredients: Toast whith smoked salmon and fresh cheese – my favorite 10/10

We got as well olive mix whith gerkins and pilles onions (papa gave it a 10/10)

The bar man recommended the speciality of the house called frito de huevo which was like a big ball of fried stuff and an egg inside.-9.5 /10.

One of the best tapas bars and very popular for people with kids.


Café Iruna, Plaza del Castillo (main plaza).

Ingredients: Voulevont with tune miyonase and baby eels on top and was also surved very good olives stuffded with anchovies 6/10.

This is the most famus café in all Pamplona and was a favorite café for Hemingway,and I like breackfast here too ( try the churros).


Bar Gaucho, Calle Espoz y Mina (just off Plaza del Castillo).

All of dose beautiful things to chose from and wee had to pick cream of see urchin surved in its own spiny shell with see wead. It was delicious thow and I gave it a 8/10


Bar El Mentidero, Calle Mercaderes (near town hall).

Ingredients: Black pudding ,ham and quale egg. 6/10

It was nice here sow we cheted and stayed longer. We also had spicy sausage in paistry with padrino peper.8/10.


La Estafeta, Calle Estafeta (the main bull-running street).

Ingredients: Toasted bagette with green peper ,red peper and fried beshamelle soace with ham and egg plant. I would never have it again. I gave it 3.5/10 also for bad service because it was microwaved but still partly cold.


Bar Bodegon Sarria, Calle Estafeta

Ingredients: Banderilla , with  green chillies, anchovies and olives surved on a cocktail stick on a glass of olivoil. I gave it a 8.5/10 . PS papa ate the chillies. J


Bar Nire Etxea – Mi Casa, Calle Curia (just off bottom of Estafeta)

Ingredients: Boned pig foot, crispy and stuffed. Surved with fungus. It was not hot inuf and was a bit congealed. I gave it 4.5/10.


As it was our last tapas together before papa comes back from Africa we decided to go back to one of are favourites, Bar El Mentidero. We  had a big plate of calamari.This time it was hot and good.i gave it a 10/10.








  • carol exelby says:

    What a taste adventure! I just love the ” wee had to pick cream of see urchin” from Bar Gaucho…… worth a visit for sure.

    Well done Lucia !

    • Hey Carol! Great to see your comment. Lucia is a little trooper – look out for more posts from her in the future. She has a serious hankering to do some travelling in Africa soon…although Paris, New York and Disneyland (?!!!) seem to be high on her wish list too. Yikes! (Let’s catch up soon on skype – lots of love Mark & Nina).

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