Why I love Bali – by our youngest travel blogger

Lucia in Bali

[words by Lucia Eveleigh Montes / photograph by Mark Eveleigh]

i am a litle spanish girl and Bali is very different from my home in Pamplona my city, my little favorite city

but right now lets think of Bali. close your eyes where ever you are and relax get all those bad feilings tuked away and see the person that you’re really are. think that you are in paradise. you are just looking at all the child and they just all say hello

every time and in the car i think travelling makes you be a better person. now open you’r eyes and you feel like a beter person and that where ever you’r are you are nice. and finally you see the person that you really are. lovely. and any way can leid you to the best part of the person that you have inside.

i wold like to come back and the reasone for this is that Bali is really exiting things you can do things you can see persons you can meet

Some of my friends say that going to these tropic places are dangerous but in Bali the children are so lovely and so are the people.  and all this is how you should bee and how Bali is.

Lucia is Mark’s nine-year-old daughter; she’s travelling with us during her summer holidays, and this is her first trip beyond Europe. Lucia’s first language is Spanish, but she likes writing in English too. Her papa reckons she has a bright future as a travel writer.


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