When to travel to South East Asia

Planning a vacation in June? Or looking for Christmas sunshine and not sure where to go?

Fave our South East Asia weather chart and you can always see at a glance the perfect hot-spot for you. As far as we know this is the only such spreadsheet on the internet. It’s sure to guide us through our travels this year and we hope it helps you.

Weather patterns and monsoon cycles are changing the world over. Even local paddy farmers and traditional pastoralists (the true weather-men) can’t tell you any more what the weather will be like next month, never mind in a year’s time. We scoured through weather reports and recommendations from recent years to bring you the most accurate over-view.

Now, if it rains on your holidays please don’t blame us!

(Watch this space because – if this proves popular – we plan to prepare similar tables for Africa and Latin America)

You can download the spreadsheet for planning your vacaction here.


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