Villa Ma’Rasai, Ternate

Villa Ma Rasai

Where: Jl Kampus II UNKHAIR Gambesi Ternate, Maluku Utara, Indonesia
What it costs: US$55 a double room, B&B (price in October 2013)
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Hasrun Rasai built Villa Ma’Rasai 15 years ago as a place to settle after two decades travelling South-East Asia as a private guide. He recently opened his home as an attractive hotel and while it is a truly beautiful and peaceful place to stay, a highlight for many is the chance to benefit from Pak Hasrun’s extensive knowledge of the area.

You can wander the vibrantly painted public rooms, viewing old photographs of the Ternate of yesteryear and even handling magnificent Chinese porcelain that predates the Ming dynasty. Pak Hasrun’s wife prepares delicious meals that compliment the hospitable and homely atmosphere.

As Pak Hasrun says, “helping people and making them feel welcome is like a medicine to us.”


PROS: A wonderfully peaceful place that attracts visitors back time after time – for increasingly lengthy stays.
CONS: A fairly isolated location (behind the university and part way up the flank of Gamalama volcano means that you need transport to get into the town or even to eat anywhere other than at the hotel.
TIP: Pak Hasrun’s nephew Mus makes the ideal driver/guide for a tour around Ternate island.


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