The best of Bali for kids

Bali for kids


[intro by Mark Eveleigh / words by Lucia Eveleigh Montes]

Bali… Land of fairytales and cloud-capped volcanoes that rise like mountains in the sky. Mysterious temples inhabited by enchanting copper-skinned people in outrageously unearthly costumes. Brooding jungles where gigantic mythical creatures lurk unseen – they might only be the beasts of your imagination and your dreams, but who can be sure? When you’re only nine years old you see the world in different ways.

We spent a month on the road travelling through Bali with one of the world’s youngest travel bloggers. Lucia opened our eyes to the Island of the Gods in fresh ways. We hope her personal highlights will inspire you too.

Here, in her own words, is what Lucia had to say about her highlights of Bali:

1/ Surfing in Kuta: The beach was nice and the water was warm but the surfing was a litle bit scary. I got hit in the eye 2 weeks later by a board. ;-).

2/ Turtles: It was strange piking up baby turtles but in the end I let some swim free in the ocean!

3/ Bufalo racing: I did’nt realy like it becouse the was lots of blood and it was sad. But I went with a Balenese friend and wee saw a giant snake.

4/ Baleneise ceremony: That was really cool J going to temple ceremonies with local friends because I got to were tradicional costumes.

5/ Cookery class: We did a market toar. It was very smelly but we saw a fish [marlin] that was longer than a car. Then we cooked Baleneise food but my papa was a very slow chopper. P.S. Don’t trost him wen he cookes!!!

6/ Water Bom!!!! It was crazy!!! The best thing was going doun the Macaroni watre slide bakwards. And Boomerang.

7/ Dolphins: We had to wake up at 5:00am and by sunrise we were all ready watching the dolphins. We sow more than 40!!! It was amathing!!!! J

8/ Snocling: It was like a city of fish!!! I never did that before but my papa shoud me. We feeded lots of fishes by hand. They had sow many colours.

9/ Camping on the beach: We slept in West Bali National Park in the hamacs that my PAPA made. The dear and whild cats [civets] were every where.

10/ The Menjangan: We took a boat back to a beutyful hotel and went horse riding in the jungle.

11/ Bird watching: We whoke before it was light and went to see some of the rearest birds of the world [only 17 Bali starling are said to exist in the wild…but we found one more!].

12/ Gitgit waterfall: We drobe for hours up a volcano and went swiming in an amazing water fall.

13/ Ubud: We stayed in a hotel that my papa nows. It had a popy and 2 bunies.

14/ Elephant riding: We went elephant riding again and this time we saw elephants that plaid football and basketball.

I hope I can come too Bali soon too see more.


  • Very sweet…Bali is fabulous ~ Especially Ubud 🙂

  • I love your blogposts. You are my favorite new blogger. Please keep writing and posting. They are very informative and interesting esp. for my two little nieces- Mia Midori and Cassy Harumi who come to Bali every year. I will tell them about all the new activities they can do like releasing sea turtles and waterbomb!

  • Thanks for the lovely comments. I’ll pass them on to Lucia. She’s back at school in Spain now unfortunately. Can’t wait to get her back here for some new adventures.
    All the best
    Mark (Lucia’s papa).

    Ubud is cool but the ‘wild’ West is the very best of Bali Lakshmi. 🙂

  • ‘hello im Lucia im wrighting from Spain , thanks for you coments specially to my PAPA he is a good splorer as he is for being a PAPA !!!

    [Posted by Mark – the splorer]

  • Anja says:

    Hi Lucia, it sounds like you had some amazing adventures with your papa! Thanks for your very interesting blog – my little girl is 8 years old and she loved your stories! Maybe one day you will get to meet her – her name is Cameron and she lives in South Africa 🙂

  • Thanks for the comment Anja. Already passed on to Lucia. We’re making plans to get her down to SA one day so I hope she can meet Cameron then.

    Hugs from Bali, Mark.

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    Travelling in Bali for children by a child.

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