Naumi Hotel, Singapore

Naumi Hotel

Where: Seah Street, Singapore
What it costs: US$560 a double room a night, B&B (price in November 2013)
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It’s hard to pinpoint, but there’s something decidedly sexy about  Naumi Hotel from the moment you walk in. If stoic and matronly Raffles Hotel across the road is the Grand Dame of Singapore, then Naumi is the feisty and flirty little upstart you just can’t ignore.

You get a sense of her gutsy attitude the moment you turn the corner beside Raffles to approach the little boutique hotel: a simple ‘No Parking’ sign would be far too conservative so the side wall of the hotel boasts a 4-storey mural of a Rayban-sporting traffic cop hoisting a Ferrari into the air.

Rooms are small but so well-equipped and cleverly laid-out that you don’t even notice. The Nespresso machine (along with an entire drinks bar) pulls out of the wall and a big hidden drawer under the bed contains the usual iron and ironing board along with yoga mats for guests to use. The shower and WC cubicles have magic glass that frosts over at the flick of a switch.

“Explore me or order me, your whim is my command” reads the introduction to the hotel directory – “pleasure should you be your only agenda :)” [the smiley face is theirs, not mine]. The information on the nearby Naumi Liora invites you to “check out my sister” and the room-service menu simply says “Eat Me”.

Even after reading the directory it’s still hard to figure out just what it is that’s so sexy about Naumi.But that sort of mysterious allure is just how it is with these Minxes sometimes.


PROS: Access to one of the nicest little rooftop bars in Singapore. You might even be able to come in off the street and, if it’s not a busy day, charm the really friendly reception staff into swiping the security elevator with their access cards so that you can head up to the roof. (Try a Mai Tai but ask for it to be made ‘short and strong’ rather than long).
CONS: Naumi was voted best boutique hotel by Singapore Tatler for the past four years. There aren’t any cons.
TIP: It can be quicker to take the MRT train from Changi’s Terminal 2 than to take a taxi during rush hour. From Esplanade simply walk across the main entrance of Raffles, turn left and you’re there.

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