How to make the most of your coffee break

Labuhan shop

[words Narina Exelby / photograph Mark Eveleigh]

One of the things I love about Indonesia is the casual pace at which life happens. Need your laundry done today? No problem – maybe it will be ready tomorrow. Need business cards printed? Ask the guy who runs a travel agency. Need a physio to look at your sprained ankle? The woman who runs the tiny store on that corner is also the village doctor.

The other day I was searching for a scrubbing brush in a small supermarket in Labuhan Bajo on Flores island. It seemed unusual that I couldn’t find a shop assistant to help me – until I literally stumbled across all three of them in aisle four, sound asleep next to the bucket section which, it turns out, is also the best place to shut out the world and take advantage of a quiet afternoon at work.

Flores coffee break

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  • freedman121 says:

    A friend of mine studied abroad in Taiwan, and she said that it is common for people to take 20 minute naps after lunch, simply by putting their heads down on the desks at school for some quick shut eye. What a great tradition!

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