Can iPhone photos be used in a magazine?

iPhone photo from Rajasthan

“Is the quality of a photo taken on an iPhone 6S good enough to be printed in a glossy magazine?”

I tried to stay cool after wildly typing that message to an art director friend. An hour before I’d spent a fortune buying a phone that was to be a camera for work… but what if the images didn’t make the grade? Something I should have looked into before buying the iPhone, of course, but to be honest my “research” was pretty futile. Once an Apple fan, always an Apple fan.

After a flurry of messages and photos being sent between Kuala Lumpur and Cape Town the art director reached his verdict: as a full-page image the quality is great. As a DPS it’s a bit touch-and-go.

I took solace in his judgement and, through six weeks in India, I fell harder and harder for my phone. I loved the flexibility I had when shooting, and how inconspicuous I was. There were times when I needed to shoot with my SLR, but I favoured my iPhone almost every day. And I’m pretty glad I did.

I never doubted my art director friend, but here’s evidence that iPhone 6S images are good enough for print: in May this year Sawubona, the inflight magazine for South African Airways, published a gallery of my photos from India – all shot and edited on my phone.

travel images taken with an iPhone

travel photo taken with an iPhone

travel images taken with an iPhone


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