Bali – island of demons


It’s been a while since our last post, but we can’t stay for a chat – we’re literally running out the door to find us some demons. Here’s why…

We took this pic of an ogah-ogah (“ogre”) around the corner from our bungalow. He was  built in a village in Jimbaran and took a whole team a month to complete. It is one of hundreds – possibly thousands – that will be paraded and then burnt tonight throughout Bali as part of the Nyepi celebrations.

At midnight tonight, the streets will clear and the island will become surrealistically silent for 24 hours. The whole island will come to a standstill: no one is allowed to step outside their house, or make any noise; there will be no traffic, no one on the beaches, and there will be no flights in or out of Bali. The idea is that the evil spirits and demons that have been enticed here by the clamour and the burning of the ogres will be fooled into thinking that the island is uninhabited, and will disappear for another year.

Got to rush – we’re off to add to the clamour.


  • Jessica says:

    Wow! What a crazy belief system! I just had a friend in Bali, too! He left on Sunday.

  • The procession of “Ogoh-Ogoh” is definately a unique experience. I would say it is the equivalent to a western “carnival”, but much more intense. The following silent day is my absolute favorite day of the year. Just chilling and hanging back doing nothing and no one will bother you as the whole island is absolute silent.

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