Will I cry…?


[words by Narina Exelby / map by Jessica Durrant]

Will I cry when I hear news of Nelson Mandela’s passing? It’s something I’ve wondered often these past few weeks.

Continents away from my homeland, I sense the welling of collective grief; the sadness of a nation almost in mourning; a people teetering on the brink of sorrow.

8932 kilometres from the country of my birth, I feel it too: that prickly emotion, that strange anguish of impending loss.

In a quiet corner of Bangkok’s backpacker ghetto, I am humbled by gratitude for the life of freedom that I now live. For borders that have been opened; for the fences that have been broken. For the world that is now at my feet.

Ngiyabonga, Tata. May you roam forever free.

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