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[photograph © Mark Edward Harris, The WideAngle]

If you’ve been around this part of cyberspace before, you might notice that it’s a little different: instead of arriving at mano@mano, you’ve just landed in a place called Parallel Worlds. But it’s okay – you’re not lost. Your sense of direction is spot-on.

We’ve changed the name of this blog, and the reason we did so is a fairly long story. Basically, it came down to this: “mano@mano” always required some sort of explanation. “Is it ‘mano at mano’, or ‘mano to mano’, or ‘mano a mano’ or just ‘mano mano’?” people would ask. A little too often.

The meaning of the term “mano a mano” was almost the perfect definition of our blog. It’s a Spanish phrase that originates from bull fights, when matadors would compete with each other for the crowd’s affection – translated, it means “hand in hand” or “head to head”. And that, essentially, is how this blog started: with discussions and debates between Mark (a freelance travel writer and photographer based in Pamplona) and me (an editor and soon-to-be freelance writer living in Cape Town) about everything from choice of words to headlines, rates, commissions, edits, places, images, and stories that really need to be told.

Fast-forward four months, 81 posts and plenty of discussions (this time between Rio and Cape Town), and we decided we really ought to clear up the confusion.

Our Parallel Worlds writing project has always been the most popular section of this blog, and it captures perfectly what this space has evolved into: a celebration of the similarities, differences and quirks of time, of place, of travel writing, photography and editing. It seemed a natural choice for the new name of this blog.

We’ve got some exciting things lined up, so please bookmark this site (you’ll be redirected here if you go through our old URL) or join us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date with the latest posts. We’ve also just joined Pinterest – be sure to let us know if you’re on Pinterest too, so that we can follow you.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!

Mark and Narina (the Parallel Worlds team)


  • carol exelby says:

    Love Parallel Worlds— a perfect new name for your awesome, informative blog.!

  • Mark Eveleigh says:

    Just back from a jungle trekking trip in Brazil and really excited to see that Parallel Worlds is now a reality. We aim to create a thoroughly original blog here: a celebration of the contrasts and counterpoints that make travel such an addiction…and which make us want to write about the farflung corners of our world.

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