“Dying isn’t the problem”

If you ever get the chance to visit the small South African town of Nieu Bethesda, go. Go for as long as you can.

It’s here that you’ll find the Owl House, once home to sculptor (and tortured soul) Helen Martins, and now a museum and celebration of her life’s work. Miss Helen, as she was known around town, created a world of concrete statues in her garden,  turning her small piece of earth into a place that’s sometimes fascinating, sometimes delightful, sometimes a little scary and, more than often, sad.

The quote on the picture above comes from a letter that’s hanging on a wall of the museum. The letter was written by Miss Helen’s close friend, Jill Wenman, shortly after her suicide.

If you ever have the chance to visit Nieu Bethesda, go. Go with an open mind; go without expectations; and go with an insatiable sense of curiosity.


PS Also, go with a full tank of fuel and enough cash.
There is no petrol station or ATM in Nieu Bethesda.

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