Discovering unsurfed waves

[words by Mark Eveleigh]

Waking to the pounding rumble of waves on an African reef, the traumas, traffic and telephones of our frantic everyday life seem a world away. Jackels prowling at night, lured by the scent of meat around your fire. A long, dusty drive through the desert, culminating with the sight – like a mirage – of the pale blue corduroy of perfectly peeling barrels, churning out of the watery horizon. A “surfari” down the length of the African continent would qualify for many as the world’s greatest adventure trip.

From the makers of The Path comes a new journey. The Africa Project – A story on surfing in Africa is a celebration of the beauty and contrasts of such place as Senegal, Morocco, Namibia, Reunion and South Africa.

There are still unsurfed waves waiting to be discovered in so many exotic corners of the (not so dark) continent. There are those of us who have long had their sights set on Ghana, Angola, Gabon, Cote d’Ivoire, Madagascar and Comoros. We’re waiting to see just what sort of a trail the surfers of The Africa Project have blazed in this new movie. But as the creators of what promises to be a fantastic movie say in their opening sequence: “it’s the paths left by those before us, that allow us to continue in their journey.”


  • Tham says:

    Hey do you know when the movie comes out or where we can watch it?

  • Have you watched The Path by Jason Hearn?

  • The writing here is beautiful, and although I have not even heard of The Africa Project, I am longing now to watch it. Thank you for the images you have painted in my mind with your talented writing.

    • mano@mano says:

      Hi Deborah
      Thanks so much for the compliment – Mark (one half of mano@mano) wrote the copy, and I’ll be sure to pass your message on. Hope you enjoy more of the words and images we’ll be posting on our blog.
      Cheers, Narina (the other half of mano@mano).

  • Thanks for the compliment Deborah – really lovely of you to say so. Hard not to find some inspiration in those images…and although I’m on assignment in Brazil at the moment always easily swayed by the thought of African roadtrips. Think you will love Narina’s water post too Deborah. (Are we getting obsessed? Guess it’s time we hit the beach somewhere!).
    I haven’t seen ‘The Path,’ Joy – and am still yet to see The Africa Project. Plan to hunt both down when I get back to ‘civilization’ in Europe (ahemmm). Thanks for your comments.

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