Captured: that wild connection

[words by Narina Exelby / photographs © Michael Poliza, Aditya Singh, Mark Eveleigh, Mirjam Letsch, Dean Bradshaw, all The WideAngle]

There are surely few things as powerful in this life as eye contact. Held constant for even one second, it can be enough to connect two beings on a level that is often difficult to understand. Out in the wild, where we’re stripped of the arrogance that assumes we’re in control of our world, and where our senses prickle with the primeval instinct to survive, looking directly into the eyes of an animal – connecting with their soul – captures a few seconds that we will likely never, ever, forget.

How do you capture images like these? Take a look at professional wildlife photographer Dale Morris’s tips for photographing wildlife. For an exquisite image of a Maasai Mara dawn, take a look here.

These images were taken by photographers who belong to The WideAngle network, a hardcore network of photographers who’re based in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and throughout the Americas. For more of their images, please click here

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