The Kitbaggers

Mark and Narina Myanmar

The first seeds for this blog were sown when a travel editor (Narina) and a freelance photojournalist (Mark) met across two cappuccinos in an Earl’s Court cafe sometime around the beginning of this millennium. We never met again, but over a decade later these seeds began to germinate through a series of debates/interactions/BS sessions across the 5447 miles that separated Narina’s South African office and Mark’s Spanish cafe HQ.

Those sessions grew into Parallel Worlds, which evolved into Kitbaggers.com, a blog that celebrates travel, words and images.

But that’s not all it grew into: working together on this blog sparked a beautiful love story that perhaps we’ll tell one day. The short version is that there are no longer 5447 miles between us: we work and travel together, and home is wherever we drop our kitbags. Over the past 18 months that’s been Spain, Kenya, Bali, Thailand and Southern Africa; next up, South America. Or Morocco. Or Greece. We’re not too sure yet – and that’s just the way we like it.

We are professional travel writers: we are both freelance and earn our living from writing and photographing for respected magazines and newspapers around the world.

Titles we’ve contributed to include:

The magazines we write for

Narina Exelby

Narina Exelby profileWith one travel book, two passports and 13 years’ worth of magazine deadlines behind her, Narina left her desk job as senior features editor at Women’s Health magazine in early 2012. She set herself free from office hours and fluorescent lighting, and set out on a new journey as a freelance writer and editor, who also takes photographs and teaches yoga. She specializes in crafting evocative copy that draws readers in and sends them on journeys of their own; she’s also a sucker for research.

You can read more about her on her website, see the things that catch her attention on Pinterest or follow her on Instagram (she’s losing interest in Twitter, where she’s @NarinaExelby).


Mark Eveleigh

Mark profileIn 1992 Mark Eveleigh spent six hours reviewing his life while swinging from the end of a fraying cable in the world’s highest cable-car, in Venezuela. The psychological shock of this experience was enough to send him plummeting down the slippery slope into the shadowy world of freelance travel journalism.

Mark led the first expedition by foreigners into Central Borneo’s ‘valley of the spirit world,’ (researching his book Fever Trees of Borneo) and has since returned to those unexplored valleys on several occasions. He grew up in Africa, and returned in 1999 to trek through northern Madagascar with a zebu pack-bull. The full story was told in Maverick in Madagascar (published by National Geographic). He has travelled the world on assignments for more than 80 titles, including Esquire, Geographical, The Guardian, CNN Traveller, Sunday Times, New York Times, Travel Africa and Africa Geographic.

Mark is the founder of The WideAngle photographers’ cooperative, and a soul-surfer who drinks beer with Tabasco. He travels with his ukulele, and is still (a few years on) struggling to master it. If you find yourself in the hotel room next-door, please don’t hesitate to bang on the walls to silence him.

For more info on Mark, click through to his website www.markeveleigh.com or follow him on Twitter: @Mark_Eveleigh

Michael Wilding

Michael Wilding profileMichael has had a passion for travel for 14 years. He first met Mark on a trip into the Chiapas jungles in 2009. He managed to catch 27 infections, so the trip was brought to an end much sooner than anticipated! With a knack for finding excitement, other trips have seen him being chased through the streets of Bangkok, homeless in Cape Town and lost in Tasmania.

As the owner of a digital marketing company, and having visited over 50 countries, you can often find Michael working from a variety of far-flung places in his attempt to visit every country on the globe. When not abroad, London is his resting place where he lives with wife Holly and dog BeeBee.

You can get in touch with Michael on his blog www.michaelwilding.com.


The WideAngle

WideAngle profileThe WideAngle is a hardcore network of photographers based in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and throughout the Americas. During the course of the past year they have undertaken assignments in over 100 countries in pursuit of some of the most spectacular images on the planet. Publications they’ve contributed to include National Geographic, National Geographic Adventure, NY Times, Chicago Tribune, CNN Traveller, The Boston Globe, The Guardian, Lonely Planet, Men’s Health, Marie Claire, Wanderlust, Africa Geographic and many, many more.

To see the photographers’ work check out the portfolios on www.wideangle.smugmug.com or www.thewideangle.com